parallax background
We help Flowi project by making his brand identity and creating all the graphic communication for digital and press pieces. We propose them to stay active and in permanent contact with the public thought a website, application and social media profiles.
Proyect rule by the comfort that make sure to find your ideal job. Created to find and generate job offers with artificial intelligence.
Color palette


CMYK 62C / 67M / 00Y / 00K
RGB 121R / 97G / 167B


CMYK 00C / 60M / 44Y / 00K
RGB 240R / 133G / 124B


CMYK 63C / 0M / 20Y / 0K
RGB 87R / 192G / 208B
The constant movement from people who reach and find jobs and increase of job offers made us create an identity capable of reflect all this concept. That why we decide to use this colors, typography and animations to present this new brand.